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Implant Crowns

When a damaged or decayed tooth needs to be removed, an implant crown is an extremely durable replacement. At Third Street Dental, we seat crowns following implant placements.

Your Partner for Permanent Replacement Teeth

Periodontal disease, decay, trauma or congenital disorders can result in the loss of teeth. In many cases, a dental implant and crown can provide a durable, life-like replacement.

Implant crowns require both a dental implant (a titanium post that replaces the tooth root), a titanium or ceramic abutment (connects the post to the crown) and a crown (the replacement tooth itself). Our team will refer you to a local specialists to perform the implant procedure. Once the implant is complete and the site is healed, we’ll affix a custom crown that matches the shade and contour of your existing teeth.

Why Implant Crowns?

  • Replace Missing Teeth
  • Replace Compromised Teeth
  • Prevent Shifting of Teeth
  • Maintain bone
  • Prevent Facial Sagging
  • Enhance Appearance

Coordinated Care from Start to Finish

Your implant crown requires a dentist and an implant specialist. We’ll walk with you each step of the way—building a custom treatment plan and cadence.

  • Implant

    A titanium post will be placed at the site by a oral surgeon or periodontist.

  • Impression

    After the healing process (4-8 weeks) we’ll get an impression of your implant so we can design your crown.

  • Permanent Crown

    Two weeks after your impression, we will seat the abutment and custom-fitted, natural-looking, permanent crown.

Implant Crown FAQs

It’s not uncommon to have questions about a treatment. Here are the top questions asked by patients at Third Street Dental.

How Much Does It Cost to Get an Implant Crown?

This varies depending on your insurance plan. We always work with your insurance company to determine your out-of-pocket expense before beginning treatment, although surgeons have their own fees.

How Long Does the Process of Getting an Implant Crown Take?

For most patients, the process takes 2-3 months. Because we want to ensure your implant is properly integrated, healing needs to be complete before your permanent crown can be placed.

If I Get an Implant Crown, Will I Be Given Anesthesia?

There is typically no need for an anesthetic as the fully healed implant has no feeling. However, on a case by case basis we may use local anesthetic to numb the surrounding tissues.

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If you have a missing or damaged tooth, an implant crown can restore function, as well as improve your self-esteem and confidence. Book your appointment with Third Street Dental today to experience our safe and gentle approach to dental care.

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