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Oral Cancer Screenings

Early detection of oral cancer is key to better treatment outcomes. At Third Street Dental, we thoroughly examine your mouth during regular dental checkups, so we can identify early warning signs of cancer and help you get the treatment you need.

Protect Your Health with Regular Screenings

Oral cancer refers to cancers that affect the mouth, lips, jaw, tongue, cheek, sinuses, and throat. Common risk factors include tobacco use, heavy alcohol use, a previous diagnosis of oral cancer, and excessive sun exposure. Regular dental checkups have the potential to be life-saving.

What are Some Signs of Oral Cancer?

  • White or Red Patches Inside the Mouth
  • Painful Swallowing
  • Enlarged Neck Lymph Nodes
  • Pain in the Jaw
  • Prolonged Ulcers in the Mouth

However, oftentimes there are no signs/symptoms associated with oral cancer, which further emphasizes the need for routine oral cancer examinations.

Thorough Screening for Your Protection

At Third Street Dental, we take oral cancer screenings seriously and do a thorough examination, so our patients can experience their best possible health.

  • Discussion

    We’ll spend time talking about any areas of concern or symptoms you may be experiencing.

  • Visual Exam

    We’ll look inside your mouth for anything that appears out of the ordinary.

  • Tactile Exam

    We’ll also gently exam the tissue inside your mouth to identify lumps or other abnormalities.

  • Further Testing

    We may recommend a follow up appointment for any atypical findings. In some cases, we may recommend a biopsy with a specialist.

Request an Appointment

When you visit us for a regular checkup, we’ll screen your mouth for signs of cancer, so that we can protect your overall health. Book your dental checkup today to experience our compassionate approach to dental care.

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